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Is your insurance policy underdone?

Check out our menu to see what we can serve up!

We offer comprehensive insurance coverage is specifically designed to meet the needs of your restaurant business.

We include the following coverages on all Restaurants:

Spoilage – Equipment Breakdown - $100,000

Spoilage – Contamination & Power Outage - $10,000 pays for loss of perishable stock

Food Contamination – Business Income/Extra Expenses $10,000 – helps cover expenses incurred as a result of your business being ordered to close by the Board of Health or another governmental authority.

Food Contamination – Advertising Expense - $3,000

Loss of Keys - $1,000 – pays for the loss to repair or replace locks at your premises due to theft or other loss to keys.

Brands & Labels

Ordinance or Law Equipment Coverage

Employee Dishonesty Coverage to include theft of customers’ property by an identified employee

Errors & Omissions in the delivery of items sold by the restaurant

Coverage for costs associated with merchandise withdrawal, including: notifications, overtime, transportation, store space and/or disposal.

Business Interruption and Extra Expense – for the actual loss sustained for 12 months

Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Our policy protects you against the breakdown of mechanical, electrical and production equipment due to the electrical disruption, power surges and short circuits, as well as steam boiler explosions.

Comprehensive Identity Management Services

Automatic Coverages*

Accounts Receivable - $15,000

Automatic Liability Coverage for Newly Acquired Restaurants – 90 days

Damage to Premises Rented to You - $100,000

Employee Dishonesty - $10,000

Fire Department Service Charge - $5,000

Fire Extinguisher System Recharge - $5,000

Forgery or Alteration - $2,500

Identity Theft Expense Coverage - $2,500

Increased Cost of Construction - $10,000

Lock & Key Replacement - $1,000

Medical Expenses - $5,000

Money & Securities – Inside/Outside - $5,000/$2,000

Money Orders & Counterfeit Money - $1,000

Newly Acquired Locations – Business Income - $5,000

Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings - $250,000 and 30 days

Newly Acquired Business Personal Property - $100,000 and 30 days

Outdoor Property - $5,000

Outdoor Signs - $5,000

Property Off-Premises - $15,000

Reward Payment - $5,000

Valuable Papers & Records – Off-Premises - $5,000/$10,000 On Premises

Water Back-Up & Sump Pump Overflow - $5,000

Water Back-Up & Sump Pump Overflow – Business Income - $5,000

Eligibility Requirements

Properties must be modern and well maintained.

The following types of restaurants are available if they meet guidelines:

Limited Cooking Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants

Casual Dining Restaurants

Restaurant Cooking Requirements will apply for:

Clearance to Combustibles

Filter Systems

Exhaust Systems

Hood & Ductwork Servicing

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Deep Fat Fryers

Need More Coverage?

Add the following coverages to your policy:

Loss or Damage to Customers’ Autos (Legal Liability Coverage) is available for loss or damage to customers’ and invitees’ autos in your care, custody or control. Coverage applies only for the insured’s legal liability for the loss or damage.

Employment Practices Liability – protects you as an employer from claims made by employees alleging wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment. It also provides coverage wit hrespect to claims or suits made by customers, vendors or clients who do business with you but do not work for you.

*Insurance coverage by McInturf-Fulmer can be tailored to provide specific coverages for your restaurant operation needs. Most of the coverages included can be increased and other coverages added to round out your policy. A bundle of coverages can be added by purchasing the BOP Platinum Plus Endorsement.

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Please note that NO changes to your policy or coverage are binding by submitting Online Forms & Requests. Change requests will only be considered bound upon confirmation from your Broker/Agent.